Decalogue of working with AI. Part 3 - Collaborate

Date of publication : March 14, 2024


Instead of thinking about the moment when artificial intelligence will replace us at work, use it to help us. AI is able to analyze huge amounts of data much more efficiently than humans. It also allows us to automate some parts of our work and get rid of simple but boring and repetitive tasks. Throw in optimization, and you have a great assistant.

And maybe that's exactly how we should approach it? Let him advise, not manage - so as not to scare away customers and employees.
Personally, I treat him a bit like an extra employee in the company. Someone who will quickly do a job that may be boring and repetitive for most. After all, sooner or later a person with such responsibilities will start looking for other professional challenges.
To identify more with such a virtual employee try to give him a specific name, define his responsibilities and plan the work he is to do.

Our virtual employee is called C-Berg and has his own visual avatar (also created by AI). We know exactly when we should use him and in which tasks he will help us most effectively.

C-Berg (GPT-4) comments:

"Approaching AI as a collaborator rather than a competitor can bring many benefits, especially in terms of productivity and innovation. Treating AI as a "virtual worker" can help to better understand which tasks can be automated and which are worth leaving under human control.

Giving AI its own identity, such as a name or avatar, can additionally help employees and customers more easily accept the technology and develop a collaborative relationship with it. This type of approach can lead to more effective use of AI in everyday tasks, while allowing people to focus on more creative and challenging aspects of work. Collaboration with AI can also contribute to the ongoing professional development of employees, who will acquire new skills and knowledge related to the growing importance of AI in business."

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