§1 Definitions
Capitalized terms in these Terms and Conditions shall have the following meaning:
  1. Administrator - company Impakt S.A. with its registered office in Mosina, Stanisława Lema 16 Street, 62-050 Mosina, entered in the Register of Entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Poznań - Nowe Miasto and Wilda in Poznań under KRS number 0000585900, having NIP 7831720485 and REGON 360441981 with share capital of PLN 60,761,002.00, e-mail: [email protected].
  2. Partner - Entrepreneur conducting cooperation with the Administrator, having an account on the Website.
  3. User - an individual, legal entity or organizational unit without legal personality, which is granted legal capacity by law, using the Website.
  4. API Integration - a service consisting in the Partner's ability to integrate its offer through XML CSV and Rest API in order to download html descriptions, product specifications and categories from the Website,
  5. Rackconfigurator - a service consisting of the Partner's ability to match the appropriate accessories from different product groups to the rack model of their choice and then save such a design with an optional option to fill out an information form.
  6. Newsroom - services consisting of providing the Partner with thematic content, in particular articles, graphics, etc.
  7. Merchandise - Lanberg manufacturer's products presented on the Website.
  8. Website -Internet service run by the Administrator at https://lanberg.eu.
  9. Distributor Review - a service which allows a Partner to review distributors of Goods.
§ 2 General provisions
  1. The Website is maintained by the Administrator. On the Website the Administrator enables the Users, among other things, to get acquainted with the presented Goods or to use the Cabinet Configurator service or the Distributor Review service (for registered Partners only).
  2. These terms and conditions (the "Terms and Conditions") set forth the rights and obligations of Partners and Users in connection with the use of the website, including the terms and conditions for creating an account by a Partner;
  3. The Administrator, the User and the Partner are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Regulations.
  4. The appearance and content of the Website are the property of the Administrator and are protected under the Copyright and Related Rights Act of February 4, 1994.
  5. By accepting these Terms of Use, the User and the Partner agree to be bound by the provisions of the Terms of Use.
  6. The Administrator hereby informs that the following potential risks are associated with the use of the Website by the Partner/User, analogous to any such services provided electronically:
    1. receipt of unsolicited commercial information (so-called spam),
    2. the possibility of malicious software, including in particular, but not limited to, computer viruses,
    3. the possibility of security breaches to obtain personal and confidential information,
    4. the possibility of unauthorized eavesdropping involving the use of a computer program,
    5. the possibility of installing software that spies on the Partner/User's activities on the Internet without the Partner/User's knowledge and consent,
    6. violation of author's property rights through unauthorized copying and use without the consent and knowledge of the authorized entity.
  7. The Administrator identifies the threats referred to in paragraph 6 above as potential ones, while informing Partners/Users of the possibility of their occurrence, despite the Administrator's diligence in securing its IT systems against unauthorized access by third parties.
  8. The Administrator is not responsible for any disturbances in the operation of the Website as well as the inability to access the Website caused by causes beyond the Administrator's control, including but not limited to:
    1. technical failures of the server equipment used to operate the Website or any of its elements;
    2. force majeure events, which should be understood as events beyond the Administrator's and Partner/User's control, the occurrence and consequences of which could not have been foreseen earlier, and which prevent or significantly hinder the use of the Website, such as wars, fires, epidemics, riots, widespread failures of computer or network systems, states of emergency, natural disasters, etc;
    3. Acts of third parties, particularly but not exclusively in the form of hacking attacks on the Website;
    4. malfunctioning of services and systems belonging to third parties with which the Website communicates or integrates, including in particular, but not limited to, email servers and servers on which data is stored.
§ 3. Terms of use of the Website
  1. In particular, the Partner and the User are obligated to:
    1. use the Website in a manner that does not interfere with its operation, in particular by using specific software or devices,
    2. not to provide or transmit content that is prohibited by applicable law, inconsistent with good morals, or generally considered to be abusive,
    3. use the website in a manner consistent with the provisions of applicable law in the Republic of Poland, the provisions of the Rules of Procedure, as well as with the customs adopted in a given scope,
    4. use the website in a manner that is not burdensome to other Users/Partners and the Administrator, with respect for their personal rights (including the right to privacy), intellectual property rights and any rights to which they are entitled,
    5. to use the website with any content posted within the website only for their own personal use.
  2. Use of the Website is possible provided that the ICT system used by the Partner and the User meets the following minimum technical requirements:
    1. web browser: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome in the version current and supported by their provider or other web browser supporting HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies;
    2. Internet access at the standard rates used and charged by the User/Partner's telecommunications carrier.
    The use of certain services via the Website requires, in addition, e-mail.
  3. Installation of software necessary to meet the technical requirements referred to above is at the User/Partner's responsibility and risk.
  4. Use of the Website is conditional upon reading and accepting the Terms and Conditions.
§ 4 Partner account creation and deactivation
  1. In order to become a Partner and create an account, it is necessary to complete the fields to be filled in the application form, including in particular:
    • First Name;
    • Name;
    • Position;
    • Company;
    • Type of business;
    • TIN- verification of TIN will be done by Administrators when confirming registration;
    • Email address;
    • Country;
  2. After the Partner fills out the form, the application is manually verified by the Administrator, who has the option to confirm or reject the registration.
  3. The Partner receives by email information about the Administrator's decision. If the Partner's registration is confirmed, his account is activated.
  4. The Partner can create one company account, with the possibility of creating additional accounts subordinate to the Partner's account.
  5. The first person who registers a company as a Partner will become the administrator of the users. The Partner Administrator will be able to grant user management rights to other users in his company and deactivate their accounts. In addition, Site Administrators will also have this ability.
  6. After 6 months from the last login to the Partner Panel, the account will be locked. In order to unlock it, you will have to pass verifications, i.e. confirm the link in the email that will be sent during the first login after 6 months.
  7. As part of the account maintenance service, the Administrator allows the Partner to access and edit the Partner's data on an ongoing basis, secured by the established password and login, as well as to track the sent projects.
  8. The Partner may, at any time, free of charge, request the removal of the account by submitting an appropriate statement to the Administrator within the account or in writing or by e-mail to the Administrator's addresses specified in these Terms.
  9. The Administrator will delete the account within 14 days of receiving the statement referred to in paragraph 8 above.
  10. Information about the Goods provided on the websites does not constitute an offer within the meaning of Article 66 of the Civil Code.
§ 5 Partner's rights
  1. The Partner has the possibility to access FAQ, chatbox and direct contact with the guardian from the Administrator's side.
  2. Through the Website, the Administrator enables the Partner, in particular, to use the following services free of charge:
    1. saving of designs created within the Closet Configurator,
    2. Newsroom.
§ 6 Purchase on the Website
  1. The Administrator does not sell Goods through the Website.
  2. In order to purchase Goods, the User may go to (i) https://etrade.pl/.; (ii) the nearest official Lanberg distributor (option available to registered Partners after logging in); or (iii) the nearest resale point from the list maintained by the Administrator (option available to each User in the "where to buy" tab).
§ 7 Personal Data
The rules of processing personal data of Partners/Users by the Administrator are described in the Privacy Policy available on the Website. Information on the Administrator's policy regarding cookies is contained in the Cookie Policy available on the Website.
§8 Complaints, dispute resolution and final provisions.
  1. Any complaints related to the provision of services provided by the Administrator electronically should be submitted electronically to the Administrator's address indicated in these Terms of Use. The Administrator will respond to the notification immediately, but no later than within 30 days from the date of its receipt, by e-mail to the e-mail address from which the notification was sent, unless generally applicable law in a given case provides for a shorter deadline.
  2. Any disputes arising between the Partner/User and the Administrator will be settled by the court having jurisdiction over the Administrator's registered office.
  3. Agreements concluded with the Administrator are subject to Polish law and should be interpreted in accordance with it.
  4. Partners/Users may access these Terms of Use at any time through the link provided in the footer of the homepage, and may download and print them.
  5. The Administrator retains the right to amend these Regulations at any time.
  6. No provisions of these Regulations should be interpreted in a manner contrary to mandatory provisions of law.
  7. The appendix to the Regulations is a sample statement of withdrawal from the contract.
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