POE+ Switches RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-360 / 250 - a solution to the challenges of modern networks

Date of publication : March 4, 2024

POE+ Switches RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-360 / 250 - a solution to the challenges of modern networks.

In the field of network installations, both in the context of IT and CCTV, professionals face a number of challenges. One of them is the effective management of power supply to devices distributed over large areas, often without direct access to sources of electricity. In this context, the RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-360 and RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-250 unmanaged POE+ switches provide a key tool to enable installers and network administrators to overcome these challenges.

Versatility and energy efficiency as key to flexible installations

Our switches are designed with versatility in mind. Their applications range from simple neighborhood networks to complex surveillance, IP, VoIP and cable TV networks. This wide spectrum of possibilities makes them the perfect solution for a variety of projects, including those requiring advanced alarm or access control infrastructure.

What sets these devices apart is their ability to manage power efficiently. With support for PoE/PoE+ (802.3af/at) standards, both switches allow the delivery of up to 360 watts or up to 240 watts to power multiple devices simultaneously. This means a greatly simplified installation, eliminating the need to build separate power systems and multiply the number of switches, which is invaluable especially for extended networks.

Intelligent power management and reliability in practical use

Both switch models are characterized by rich port facilities - 28 ports, including 24 PoE+ Gigabit Ethernet ports, which guarantees users sufficient resources to connect and manage multiple devices. For greater clarity and good cable organization, the sockets have been numbered and divided into three sections of 8 each. An additional 4 Uplink ports (2x Gigabit Ethernet and 2x SFP Gigabit) provide flexibility in data exchange between PoE+ ports and external systems, which is crucial in monitoring and control applications. Active communication, errors, negotiated transfer rate and PoE power usage are indicated by LEDs numerically assigned to the corresponding ports.

A unique solution introduced in these switches is an intelligent PoE port management function. In situations where the available PoE budget is exceeded, the switch automatically disconnects ports starting with those with the highest numbering, allowing critical devices connected to lower-numbered ports to continue working. This ensures full control, security and stability of network operation, which is especially important in demanding applications where continuity of operation is crucial. Thanks to the airy chassis and built-in fan, the switches operate absolutely smoothly under normal conditions.

Additional features to support advanced installations

Another important feature of the switches is the "Extend" function, which allows PoE+ data and power transmission over distances of up to 250 meters. This extends installation options in large environments, where standard switches are typically limited to 100 meters. This feature finds its use especially in monitoring systems, where distribution and terminal devices can be a considerable distance apart. Changing the operating mode (Switch, VLAN and Extend) is done using a slider located on the front panel in the section with indicator lights.

In addition, the RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-360 and RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-250 models are equipped with an advanced surge protection circuit up to 4 kV, thus protecting both the switch itself and the devices connected to it from the harmful effects of electrical discharges. This increases not only the safety of users, but also the long-term durability of the network infrastructure.

Ease of installation and integration into existing structures

In the aspect of installation, we leave nothing to chance. A set of mounting accessories, including a set of mounting screws and ears for 19" cabinets, allows the switches to be easily integrated into various environments and configurations, providing both flexibility and installation convenience. The fact that the switches are unmanaged is an advantage in this case, as their installation and administration do not require specialized configuration. Their fully automatic operation also eliminates the human factor, i.e. the possibility of misconfiguration and the need to rely on specialized personnel, for example, in the event of a network restart after a power outage. In such situations, it takes no more than 10 seconds to turn the device back on and restore its operation.

Taking into account all the above-mentioned features, the RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-360 and RSGE-24P-2GE-2S-250 POE+ switches are technologically advanced and practical devices that meet the real needs of installers and network administrators. Their versatility, energy efficiency, reliability and flexibility in power management make them an ideal choice for building modern, complex networks, while guaranteeing security and continuity of operation. With them, installers and administrators can achieve optimal efficiency while minimizing installation costs and time. Take a detailed look at the products in our product section:



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