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Cable organizers


Manufacturer code: ORG01-CC50-101B
EAN: 5901969418279
Warranty: 0m
Specialized: Universal
Material: Polypropylene, Tempered steel
Colour: Black
Pack quantity: 100
Product description
Lanberg's cable clips equipped with a nail, due to their special shape, can be used for fixing wires or individual conductors of round cables.
These mounting accessories allow quick and easy fixing of cables and wires to surfaces like walls, joinery elements, furniture, etc.
To mount a cable or a conductor, all you need to do is to use the nail (made of hardened steel), which is embedded in the clip.

Designated application of those accessories is fixing a wire or cable's conductor quickly and stably to the wooden substrates and / or to indoor materials such as aerated concrete, suporex, cellular concrete, etc. It is not recommended to use those clips on hard surfaces (e.g. concrete). For those particular heavy duty applications, we recommend the use of previously placed in ground dowels or other types of holders, designed for round cables / conductors.

Product specification:

Application - for conductors with max. thickness of about 5mm
Material - polypropylene with hardened galvanized steel
Color - white
Quantity in the package - 100 pieces

Polypropylene, Tempered steel
Pack quantity
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