Manufacturer code: AK-1505-B
EAN: 5901969424386
Warranty: 24m
Type: Thermostat
Size: 10", 19"
Power: 30 W
Material: ABS, Copper, Plastic
Product description


Equipment installed in Rack cabinets, such as servers, systems of emergency power supply, surveillance, CCTV, alarm etc. all require maintaining the temperature at an appropriate, steady level. There is a wide variety of fans, coolers that can help in solving this problem.

But what if the administrator would like to avoid their unnecessary, redundant work, operating costs, thereby extending their working life? Lanberg offers a simple and flexible solution that will easily accomplish this very goal: closed-loop thermostat AK-1505-B.

It enables temperature regulation inside of server rack cabinets by controlling the power supply to cooling equipment and/or products providing more efficient air flow. The device is equipped with a current contact, which is shorted (closed), and thus switches on the connected cooling only when the temperature, set previously by the user, is exceeded.

All this is possible due to the thermo-bimetallic sensor, which mechanically deforms under the influence of ambient temperature. In combination with the temperature sunken knob, it allows the operation of thermostat to be adjusted accordingly to the user's preferences.


AK-1505-B uses normally open contact to ensure that the device reacts as quickly as possible to changes in the ambient temperature.

The temperature sensor (thermobimetal) is characterized by various coefficients of thermal expansion, using the phenomenon of so-called temperature deformation. As an active element, those sensors have a "strip" installed within the thermostat consisting of two welded "strips" of metal, each with different coefficient of thermal expansion.

The bimetallic “strip” is heated under the influence of the ambient temperature. Heated above a certain temperature, the strip is deformed, creating a contact with the contact point, which closes the electrical circuit and allows the current to flow.

When the temperature of the device or the environment drops to a certain temperature, the bimetallic strip returns to its original state and the electric circuit opens again.


UL 94 is a standard used by American Underwriters Laboratories that tests the flammability and fire safety of plastic materials. The UL 94 V test (vertical burning) tests the burning behavior of a vertically positioned plastic elements. To achieve UL 94 V-0 flammability class, a given material has to fulfill the following requirements:

1) For each of the 5 samples, the incandescence time will not exceed 30 seconds,
2) For each of the 5 samples, burning pieces will not tear off or fall off, causing the cotton, placed below the tested material to ignite,
3) None of the 5 tested samples will burn or incandesce up to the surface contact-point,
4) Total burning time in 10 attempts of ignition will not exceed 50 seconds,
5) None of the 5 tested samples will show flame formation for more than 10 seconds after removal of the fire source.

The housing of thermostat AK-1505-B is made of high-quality plastic with UL 94 V-0 fire resistance class, confirmed in laboratory tests by issuing an appropriate document. The use
of this type of material guarantees that in the event of a fire the device will not be a source of additional fire. The use of products with low or limited flammability risk is an extremely important aspect when designing the server, control and electrical cabinets of today.


In addition to the standard clips (located on the back of the housing) dedicated for mounting on a DIN 35mm rail, AK-1505-B thermostat is also equipped with an additional removable flat, powder coated, black ,,mounting ear'' with a thickness of 1.0 mm, compatible with use the RACK mounting standard.

As an upside of the flat construction, the user receives full and unrestricted installation potential. Thermostat can be mounted on the left- and right-hand side, on the front or in the back of any vertical rack-mounted installation rail. Moreover, this product can also be turned upside down (180 degrees rotation) and mounted in gaps, smaller than a standard RACK space. Lastly, with the use of the mounting ear, installation is even more flexible, because of the mounting holes, enabling the thermostat to be fitted on both sides of the mounting ear.

This solution, in effect, allows full freedom in terms of user's approach to the method of thermostat installation. With Lanberg, thermostat installation has never been easier.


To best meet the market expectations, Lanberg, in addition to the thermostat, has provided users with numerous accessories in the box, facilitating installation and the overall operation of the device, increasing its added value. Inside of the packaging users can find the following, additional accessories:

  • Mounting eye in the form of a flat black steel plate, 1.0mm, ~2.5 U, for use in the RACK standard,

  • Terminal block with 3 contacts up to 10 A, for better cable organizationi,

  • 2 washers for nuts of terminal block screws, for preventing the steel plate from scratching,

  • 2 M6 screws and cage nuts, for attaching the ear to the vertical mounting rails in the RACK standard,

  • 2 M6 screw plastic washers for better aesthetics and appearance,

  • 8 cm transparent cable tie, for electric cable organization.

10", 19"
30 W
ABS, Copper, Plastic
ICT height
2.5 U
43 mm
67.8 mm
97.3 mm
0.1 kg

Download files

ABS UL 94 V-0
Product card PL
Declaration of Conformity
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